RFD: List-member database

From: JP Hindin <jplist_at_globe.net.nz>
Date: Wed Jul 31 12:58:01 2002

> On Tue, 30 Jul 2002, Doc Shipley wrote:
> > The broad strokes of my idea was to put together a questionnaire for
> > anybody who'll answer, with city of residence, area of collecting, maybe
> > real-world occupation and computing experience/expertise, etc. Gather
> > that into a running database, mostly for member consumption only. We
> > all seem to travel a fair amount, most of us seem to enjoy "hooking up"
> > with other collectors, and such a database seems like a natural thing to
> > do, and a very valuable resource. Personally, I'm really curious as to
> > what the map will look like. There seem to be some fair concentrations
> > in some not-obviously-reasonable places. Like the Great North Woods. :)

There already exists a place with some of these features.
The ComputerShelter, www.computershelter.org, is supposed to be a
"Distributed Museum" where you can sign up as a "Curator", and then add
your machines to your Stash, showing to everyone what you have.
The idea is to get a collaborated museum of peoples equipment, where they
can share information (and parts) about them.

As related to this, it contains a function allowing you to find other
curators within a certain distance of yourself or a given zip
code... Sounds like what you want is already written.

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