Anyone using their old Mac?

From: Marion Bates <Marion.Bates_at_Dartmouth.EDU>
Date: Wed Jul 31 14:07:00 2002

--- Sellam Ismail wrote:
Does anyone here still use their old (say pre-1990) Macintosh as a regular
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Dunno if it falls within the time frame exactly, but I still use a Color Classic and/or SE/30 for writing papers when I wanna be alone upstairs, listening to music or whatever. The old Macs are connected to the G4 network downstairs via a really long phone cord and a localtalk-ethernet bridge, so I transfer files over AppleShare that way when I want to email/print stuff. There's something about that 9-inch screen I used throughout middle and high school (Mac Plus in that case) -- it just gets the creative juices flowing somehow. :)

I also use that same Mac Plus for old games, but I think that's borderline "use" in this context.

-- MB
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