Anyone using their old Mac?

From: Owen Robertson <>
Date: Wed Jul 31 15:05:01 2002

on 7/31/02 5:58 AM, Sellam Ismail at wrote:
> Does anyone here still use their old (say pre-1990) Macintosh as a regular
> practice?

I also used to carry around a Mac Classic when I was out of town. That is,
until I got an 800MHz TiBook. I have lots of old Mac stuff and I enjoy using
it. I used to have lots of old Macs networked via LocalTalk, then connected
to my G4 Cube via a Mac II operating as a dedicated LocalTalk/Ethernet
bridge. Ah, the good old days, before all this DEC and DG stuff started
taking up all my storage space. :-)

Owen Robertson
Received on Wed Jul 31 2002 - 15:05:01 BST

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