Anyone using their old Mac?

From: chris <>
Date: Wed Jul 31 15:49:00 2002

>Does anyone here still use their old (say pre-1990) Macintosh as a regular

I have a shelf of Mac SE's (800k version) that I use for a Fax pool
(either sending or receiving). Although they are not phsyically in use
every day, they do spend more time hooked up and running than not. I also
have a Mac Plus that I keep on the floor for working with old software
and 400k/800k disks (400's aren't readable by my 6500, and 800s usually
have problems on my 6500). Although that will probably be replaced by an
SE FDHD eventually. I think I finally moved all my 68000 machines out of
normal "human" use, but I might be wrong, knowing me, I have at least one
more Plus or SE sitting at a remote office for word processing duties. I
know up until the end of June, I had an SE in active use for writing
letters and doing spreadsheets (we closed the location it was at, so now
it is on the floor in hall outside my office)

And of course, my firewall/nat router is a IIsi right now. And then there
is my LC 520 that is acting as a music on hold server for my phone system
(kept frying CD players, so now I play quicktime rips off the LC). I'm
not sure if I have any other 020 or 030 machines in regular use (but I
have LOTS in occasional use as needed)

And I have MANY MANY 040's still in service for daily use, and I think
all of them are pre-1990. These are all still used at work for daily
tasks, and serve as many an employee's primary (and usually only)
computer. As well as things like giving them to friends and family to do
work on (my nephew LOVES the LC 575 I gave him to do his homework and use

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