HPIB cables

From: John Honniball <coredump_at_gifford.co.uk>
Date: Wed Jul 31 19:11:01 2002

Don Maslin wrote:
> I have a couple of HPIB cables available at $15 the pair, shipped.
> The 92220R has a right-angle connector at one end and the usual
> straight connector at the other. (I wonder if the 'R' indicates
> a right hand connector?)

The 92220R is a specially-shaped cable to connect an HP150 to
a HPIB disk or tape unit. It's quite short with one straight
and one right-angle connector. I have one in front of me here,
off my HP150.

Incidentally, the HP150 isn't working -- looks like a PSU failure
to me. Any hints? Common failure modes? Links to circuit
digrams (schematics)?

John Honniball
Received on Wed Jul 31 2002 - 19:11:01 BST

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