Multibus ST-506/QIC-02 (was: Re: SGI IRIS 1400 ...)

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Jul 31 19:32:01 2002

>> > If this is the head lock solenoid, do you get any voltage across it
>> > the drive is attempting to spin up?
>> I think I did get voltage on that connector when it seemed to pull in.
>> I'll have to double check though.
>Yes, please do. We'll both feel right idiots if we spend time looking in
>the servo circuitry and that real reaso the heads can't move is becuase
>they're locked.
>> > Unless you have a clean box, I would do a few more checks outside the
>> > HDA first
>> Well, ok :P
>It's up to you, it's your drive. And don't you think the HDA has been
>opened before? If that's the case, then it might not do any more daamge
>to pull the cover again.

 I haven't been following this thread but I thought I'd add:
 When working inside of disk drives, wear a mask ( the ones
you get from the drug store work fine ). Also, don't
work in a room that has had someone smoking or while
someone is frying stuff in the kitchen.
 Most dust particles are large enough that the head just
kicks it of into the filter. Smoke particles are the
right size to cause head crashes, as is a little
bit of spittle from a sneeze or speech.
 Also, don't rotate the disk backwards, the heads will
cut into the surface and damage them.
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