Teletypes (update)

From: John Foust <>
Date: Wed Jul 31 20:07:00 2002

At 12:19 PM 7/31/2002 -0400, Tom Owad wrote:
>>Tell us of these glorious finds, so we can enjoy them
>I was there on Monday. It really is worth visiting just to see the
>place. There is _lots_ of old radar, sonar, and other military equipment
>which is amazing to see.

Here is another report:

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I visited the famous "Paterson NJ warehouse" today and was
just amazed at what it held. (The building is an old Government
armory, built around 1903.) Amongst the TONS of 1940-1960 electical
and electronic stuff, there was a lot of TTY gear:

It appears the owner was the recipient of Western Union's entire
TTY parts inventory (maybe from multiple locations). E.g., there are
more than 100 28ROTR bases in boxes (no covers or
perf units or gear shifts).

I counted three unused Model 28ASR cabinets with
some sheet metal missing, unfortunately, and
there was another half dozen incomplete 28ASR's. Some of the
ASR's had oddball TD's with WU markings instead of the
normal Teletype Corp. LXD. There was a large fan on
the back of those machines with some sort of electronic
package in the base.

Counted 10 28KSR's in various condition (mostly "sad").

Anyone for a Model 35ASR? There's six of them there (private
line models) and two are crated.

Siemens machines were all over the place. There are a few Model
33ASR's (no covers or bases) and a BRAND NEW 33ASR
TWX machine in a box. There is also a BRAND NEW 32ASR
TELEX machine in a box (unopened). There has to be tons of
parts, mostly 28 stuff that I have never seen break. Lots of Model
33 covers and lids (some look new) and boxes of new keytops (the
ones that always go bad and turn moldy white)..

I found about a dozen of the oddball LBXD TD heads and one
complete stand-along LBXD TD. There might be some standard
LXD TD's there, too.

Found a WW 2 Model 15 (TG-7) in the elusive crate (table). Good chance
there's a few more of them there. No other Model 15 vintage stuff
was seen except a banged up 14TD.

A few Kleinschmidt TT-76's were in a pile and they didn't look
salvageable. And, to top it off, there was a lonely UGC-74A on
the floor.

The person who is cleaning out this stuff wants to unload everything
as quickly as possible. Since he has TONS of ship's radars, ship's
gyro's and other really HEAVY stuff to worry about, I told him I'd
tend to the TTY stuff for him. (I saw a huge gray box
marked "NIMITZ"!) It is not practicle to try to ship the
bits and pieces, so the only way to get at it would be to visit. He
has some restrictions on access and the area is not the garden spot
of NJ, so visits would have to be coordinated carefully (wear Kevlar).
And, he wants the stuff gone; he doesn't want to bother with selling
a dozen keytops.

After wandering around for a day, I can pretty much guaranty that
the TTY stuff is not operational and would need work (every machine
seems to have something missing). And most of the 28's have
oddball widgets and electrical whatsits that would have to be
surgically removed to get the basic machine working. Except for those
few unused cabiknets, most of the machines are banged up in
one way or another.

The 35's appear to be the most complete, orphans that they are.

Depending on the timing, I might try to grab most of the incomplete
TTY's and store them somewhere with the intention of getting
them working (borrowing parts from here and there). I cannot
fathom taking the boxed parts...I'd need a lot of space and
a lot of time and, honestly, most of those parts were the ones
that would never be used in normal maintenance. (for example,
I didn't find any clutches, or gears, or the that would break
under heavy use). I'm guessing that this stuff might have been from
a repair depot that rebuilt machines, not from a local "TTY shop"
that serviced customers.

If anyone is interested, let me know off-list and I can help make the



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