C64 notebooks, Santee Cal Swapmeet Sat

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Fri Mar 1 02:41:07 2002

A couple people were curious about the contents of the notebooks in the box
of commodore books, so I looked though them and here is a sample of the

Notebook 1
C 64 Doctor, set of floppies in a sleeve with brief manual.
SAMS Computerfacts, about 3 sheets of circuit diagrams of the C64.
1541 Disk Drive Alignment Program, about a 20 page manual, no floppies etc.
Various articles on printing and trouble shooting., ie May 88 Modern
Electronics on disk drive PS.
Zenith ZVM-131 Users Manual
Photocopy of How to Maintain and Service your small computer, Stephenson
and Cahill.

Notebook 2
About an inch thick of various clipped magazine articles, ala July 88 Radio
Electronics on GPIB. Another is how to build your own modem and save money.
How to use surplus keyboards, and various articles on hooking up light
pens, speech, and graphics tablets.

In addition to these fine and rare notebooks, the following books are still
up for grabs. No offers refused unless I get a better one, or don't like it.

E. Floegel Commodore 64 Tune-up
SuperBase 64 manual
SuperTest manual
3 small magazines called RE-Run from 1987 (sorry no floppies).
Users Technical manual for a Advanced Logic Research EXT turbo
Richard mansfield, Machine Language for Beginners
Rouse and Bugnitz, Programming the IBM Personal Computer: Fortan 77
HPBooks, Basic Program Conversion

Save on shipping and take advantage of the amazing rare appearance of ME at
the Santee drive in Swap Meet (east of San Diego) this Saturday. Anything
that will fit in a Mustang convertible along with my wife and son, I can
bring down.
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