Need Shugart 851 manual

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Mar 1 09:47:28 2002


   I don't need the YE Data manuals any more. I fussed at YE Data enough so
that they finally scanned them and send me a copy. I do need the jumper
settings and interface pin out for the Shugart 851. If you could send that
to me I'd appreciate it. If you can't then let me know and I'll hit up
someone else.

   Are you still playing with the Z-100s? I gave mine to Glen Goodwin.
You've probably seen messages from him about them on the net. He's really
giving them a work out.


At 02:40 PM 3/1/02, you wrote:
>From: Jeff Hellige <>
>>Which manual are you looking for...the OEM or the Service
>>manual? Thanks to a generous list member, I have copies of both and
>>could photocopy them for you, with the exception of the large circuit
>And if you need the schematics, I have access to an 11"x17" photocopier, so
>I can get them to you....
>Also, drop me a note off-line if you still need that YE-Data manual...
>Rich B.
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