Need paper tape encoding format

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Fri Mar 1 16:10:43 2002

On Mar 1, 9:00, Stan Barr wrote:
> (Pete Turnbull) said:

> > Lots of unix (including many BSD/Linux) systems have a program called
> > (usually in /usr/bin/games or similar) which takes an ASCII string and
> > outputs a facsimile of paper tape.
> Thanks for that, I just found it on this Linux box. "Man ppt" also
> listed bcd which does the same for punched cards.

And in case anyone thinks that's off-topic, this is the description from my
Seventh Edition man page on ppt:

bcd, ppt - convert to antique media

So it was considered antiquated in 1979!

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