Need Shugart 851 manual

From: Joe <>
Date: Sat Mar 2 19:55:29 2002


  Thanks for posting these. I know that I just asked for the jumper
settings but I think I'm going to need more. I want to replace some Shugart
800s in my Intel MDS with the Shugarts 851s and I've been studying the
interface, wiring and S 800 setup and Intel has cobbled up a truely
bizzarre setup and I think I'm going to need the whole OEM setup manual for
the 851 so that I can find out where to make some of the circuit
modifications. A couple of people have already promised to get me a copy.


At 11:01 PM 3/1/02 -0800, you wrote:
>On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Joe wrote:
>> I need a Shugart 851 8" floppy drive manual. Does anyone have one that
>> hey'll loan me or make a copy of it for me? Or does anyone have a pointer
>> to an on-line copy?
>> I have a bunch of 851 drives and I need to see how to configure them to
>> use in place of Shugart 800 drives.
>Been offline a few days, Joe, so missed a timely response. This should
>give you a pretty good picture of the jumper settings.
> - don
>5E 5E Terminations for Multiplex Inp. Plugged
>4F DS1 Drive Select 1 Input Pin Plugged
>4F DS2,3,4 Drive Select 2.3.4 Input Pins X
>4F 1B,2B,3B,4B Side Select Opt. Using Drv Sel X
>3F RR Radial Ready X
>3F RI Radial Index & Sector X
>4F R (Shunt 4F)* Option Shunt for Ready Output X
>3F 2S Two Sided Status Output X
>2F 850/851 Sector Option Enable 850 851
>4F I (Shunt 4F)* Index Output X
>4F S (Shunt 4F)* Sector Output X
>3F DC Disk Change Option X
>4F HL (Shunt 4F)* Stepper Power From Head Load X
>4D DS Stepper Power From Drive Select X
>5C WP Inhibit Write When Write Protected X
>5C NP Allow Write When Write Protected X
>3E D Alternate Input-In Use X
>5B M Multi-Media Option Plugged
>5C DL Door Lock Latch Option X
>4F A,B,X(Shunt 4F)* Radial Head Load X
>3E C Alternate Input-Head Load X
>4F Z (Shunt 4F)* In Use From Drive Select X
>5C Y In Use From Head Load X
>5E S1 Side Select Option Using Dir Sel X
>5E S2 Standard Side Select Option Plugged
>5E S3 Side Select Option Using Drv Sel X
>8E TS,FS** Data Sepaation Option Select TS FS Plugged
>3E IW Write Current Switch Plugged***
>3C RS Ready Standard Plugged
>3C RM Ready Modified X
>5C HLL Head Load Latch X
>6E IT In Use Terminator Plugged
>3E HI Head Load or In Use to In Use Ckt X
>8D F**** Remove for MFM encode, Inst M2FM X
>7D AF***** Install for FM or MFM encoding Plugged
>7D NF***** Install for M2FM encoding X
>*A 16-pin programmable shunt is **The SA851 offers a standard data
>provided for the eight most separator as in the SA801, and an
>commonly used cut track options. optional data separator which
>These traces are usually shorted properly separates data and clock
>as shipped from the factory. bits through the soft-sectored IBM
>The traces can be opened with a standard format and address mark
>knife blade or small screw driver. area. Trace FS offers the standard
> separator and Trace TS offers the
> ****MLC 10 only optional separator. Either may be
>*****MLC 11 only selected through a shorting plug.
> ***Write current switch is plugged
> to the interface.
> 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9
> | | | | | | | |
> Shunt F4 > | | | | | | | |
> Z| HL| A| B| X| I| R| S|
> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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