From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Sat Mar 2 21:05:29 2002

Don't know if it means any to you, but I have a PDP-8/A under the
DECdatasystems label.


Doug Carman wrote:

> "Jeffrey S. Sharp" wrote:
>>But the DECdatasystems are a later packaging, right? If so, how late in
>>the life of the 11/70 are we talking? 1908-ish? I'm wondering what
>>peripherals I need to look for for it to be a historically accurate,
>>catalog-perfect configuration.
> The 11/70 I have was originally a DECdatasystem in the double-width
> corporate cabinet. It was originally purchased in 1979, and remained in
> production until July of 2000. It now resides in H960 racks with a

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