Digital Machine - Cards I Can't Identify

From: Tarsi <>
Date: Sat Mar 2 22:42:40 2002

Greetings, all!

I obtained a Cambridge Digital machine the other week at an auction for $25.
I am going through the box to identify what is in it. Being new in the world
of these sort of machines, I'm pretty clueless. I've figured out some of the
cards, but the following I can't identify. Can anyone help me find out what
they are and some docs or webpages about them?

I have listed the card #, where it's located in the machine relative to the
drives and the PSU, and any numbers, symbols, etc I have found on the card.
I have also on some of them listed what they might possibly be.

I have already figured out the processor card, which is an 11/73 processor
(KDJ11-AA (M8192)) and the hard drive is a Fujitsu 2312K. The floppy
controller is a Sigma Information Systems Floppy Controller. That and one
of the cards is a DRV11-J. The memory is Chrislin Industries 512K board.
The rest I'm rather clueless about.

Thanks in advance,


Card 1: Drive Side - Went to Tape Drive
        LSI-50 Alloy Eng C.P.D.
        DWG No. 100159 REV D
        LSI-50 S/N-342 (C)1981 USA
        FW100 159:37 REV 2.0

Card 2: Drive Side - 50 pin dual connectors
        Emulex Corp (C)1982
        ASSY TU0210401 Rev E
        T/A Tc0210201-FSJ P.O.1446 3-25-87

Card 4 Right (Drive Side, Front Side)
        digital corp
        40 pin connector (written) 76453 328D
        EP057 REV J
        8-setting DIP
        Wire from the CLKOVFL to Card 4 Left

Card 4 Left (Drive Side, PSU Side)
        Black Block1 (Smaller)
                DC/DC Converter DTI5060-D
        Block 2 (Larger)
        20-pin connectors
        RTC In from Card 4 Right (there was a wire connecting)
        Data Acquisition Module
        S/N 85874-345
        EP073 REVJ (written) 85874-34J

Card 6 - Drive Side - Almost same as Card 2
        Emulex Corp, Santa Ana, CA
        ASSY SU0210401 REV G S/N 3332
        on the biggest chip:
                TODASSY SC0210201-CXL
                S/N 73815
                SUB ASSY 3332P REV G
                Ditronics 0284
                WareExpo 5/85
        Opposite side
                PWB SU0210701 REV B

Card 7 Right (Drive Side, Front Side) - Terminal Card?
        (C)1982 Technical Magic Inc
        BOOT-HALT Jumper
        S/N 1018
        BAUD Jumpers set 0-x,2-A,4-A,6-A
        9-pin connectors

The Tape Drive:
        Computer Peripherals Inc.
        TAPE Products Division
        Equip Ident NO BY5A3-B
        Series Code 08
        P/N 77014021
        S/N 1287

That's it! :)
Thank you so much for anyone who can help!

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