Need Shugart 851 manual

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sun Mar 3 10:31:49 2002

I think what's of concern to Joe, Don, is that Intel apparently used some of
the "radial" options that require the drive be jumpered specifically for those
options. Nearly all drive makers supported those options, since they allowed
the system to do such things such as overlap seeks, test the RDY signal on two
drives separately, and the like. In the interest of improving system
performance, most "major" system vendors used these features, though they were
seldom used in the low-end, such as the S-100 market because they caused a
huge support burden. The low-end controller/system vendors tended to
recommend configurations compatible with the factory default settings provided
with the most common drive, the SA800. With controllers like what Joe's
using, it's unlikely the thing will work properly with an SA-800 drive with
the default settings. The use of these options is certainly not "cobbled up"
as the drive vendors provided an extensive repertoire of thoroughly documented
options for these drives.

In the case of the Shugart drives, i.e. SA-80x and SA-85x, the jumpers for
corresponding options had the same designations, IIRC, though the circuitry
was not always the same. If the controller manual is available, it may
specify a set of jumpers for the SA-80x, which may, ultimately, work OK with
the SA-85x. However, I'd want to ensure that the Intel controller has the
firmware/software support for two-sided drives. It's quite possible that it
does not.


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> On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, Joe wrote:
> > Thanks for posting these. I know that I just asked for the jumper
> > settings but I think I'm going to need more. I want to replace some
> > 800s in my Intel MDS with the Shugarts 851s and I've been studying the
> > interface, wiring and S 800 setup and Intel has cobbled up a truely
> > bizzarre setup and I think I'm going to need the whole OEM setup manual
> > the 851 so that I can find out where to make some of the circuit
> > modifications. A couple of people have already promised to get me a copy.
> > Thanks.
> Joe, in a `normal' Shugart drive installation, a switch from SA-800/1 to
> the SA-850/1 is almost a dropin replacement. If it is more than that,
> Intel must have engaged in some `hanky-panky' with their circuitry.
> Good luck!
> - don
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