OT: Netscape data files

From: David C. Jenner <djenner_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sun Mar 3 13:31:05 2002

If it's Netscape V4.7, or derived from that version, the directory tree looks like this:

Program Files (or whatever)
         (This folder and subfolders have all the programs and their associated files.)
            abook.nab (this file contains the addressbook)
               folder-name (this file contains the text of messages in the folder)
               folder-name.smn (this file is apparently an index of the messages)

If a folder contains folders, then the structure is, at this level:

               folder-name.sbd (this folder contains what the Mail folder does above)
               folder-name (this file contains the text of messages in the folder)
               folder-name.smn (this file is apparently an index of the messages)

and so forth, recursively, until all subfolders are enumerated.

It is possible to reconstruct all this, since I've done it when merging mail
from several different machines.

If it's Netscape V6, all the data are in Documents and Settings for the user,
and it gets much more complex because you can have multiple ISP accounts for
a given user.


Richard Erlacher wrote:
> Though I don't use it myself, a friend, subject to the whims of the management
> of QWEST, has been forced into using their somewhat customized Netscape
> version. His system recently experienced a crash of some sort, resulting in
> its becoming operational, though impaired by the fact the SCANDISK utility
> reduced a number of directories from what they formerly were to the infamous
> DIR000n where n is some number between 0 and 1FE or some such. The files
> seem, apparently, to be in place, though the structure is lost. He wants me
> to help him find his Netscape data files so he can recover his address book
> and most recent emails from when he was using QWEST, which he doesn't any
> longer.
> Do any of you guys use Nestcape under Windows and know it well enough to know
> which files contain these items? Internet Explorer knows how to import this
> data from Netscape, but doesn't know how to search for the files. If I knew
> the file names, I'd have no trouble, methinks.
> Any "spiritual guidance" with respect to this problem would be appreciated.
> thanks,
> Dick

David C. Jenner
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