Xyplex, Raylan ?'s

From: Robert Schaefer <rschaefe_at_gcfn.org>
Date: Mon Mar 4 05:06:41 2002

Hi! Does anyone have any info/manual/docs for a Raylan fiber concentrator
w/ SNMP card? I have a nice chassis full of 10bFL cards, including the SNMP
card, but I don't have any docs for it. Some of the revisions of fiber
cards (as well as some AUI ports) have a jumper labled `RAYLAN MODE' and
`IBM MODE', or sometimes `A' and `B'. I'd kind of like to know what it
does. Also, the SNMP card has an IP set, which of course doens't fit into
my network all that well, I'd like to chage it if I could. I had a few hits
googling when I first received it, but that was all just people complaining
that the 10b2 ports were unreliable. :(

I'm also looking for someone who's had a lot of experience with Xyplex 1600
terminal servers, or even still has one in service. I've got one with the
memory expansion, but no flash card to boot it from. I have what is
supposed to be the latest firmware, but I can't seem to get it to boot
properly. The image is tftp'd, and then the box seems to reboot again--
starts the self test over, and fetches the image again. This too has
someone's old config set on it, which might be part of the problem.
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