Symbolics transport (was: Re: Getting Unix to run on a PDP-11 /34)

From: Andreas Freiherr <>
Date: Mon Mar 4 11:27:27 2002

Why stop the discussion, you're right: a 7.5 ton (metric tons, as per
old class II driving license in Germany) car like a Mercedes-Benz 813 or
814 is a good thing. In ancient times, I owned half of a little company
owning such a truck.

The largest freight (in terms of computers) it ever had to take besides
company stuff was a pair of VAX8600s plus two HSC50s and a couple of
four-high RA disk closets (the SA482, IIRC). Yes, we used a forklift to
get that stuff onto the truck. And it was something like half loaded
with that.

Today, I own a Passat Variant (1991 model). It can take a single 19"
rack if you can tilt it to load, but some of the rack will stick out at
the back (tested, that's where my PDP-11/34A now lives). Way back in the
70s, when I was in Nebraska for a visit, I noticed that what we call the
"Passat" was known as the "Dasher" in the States.

Andreas Freiherr
Vishay Semiconductor GmbH, Heilbronn, Germany
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