Symbolics rescue (question about picture)

From: Carl Lowenstein <>
Date: Mon Mar 4 22:29:39 2002

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> Subject: Re: Symbolics rescue (question about picture)
> Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 16:06:04 -0600
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> For nostalgic reasons, I have wanted to acquire two particular disk drives
> for a PDP-11 of mine... I don't remember what they are called or what brand.
> But - there are two of them in the very far right of the symbolics rescue
> picture at the top of the rack with light brown trim line across the front.
> Can anyone tell me what those are - and if there are any around to be
> obtained? How hard are they to work on? Is the positioner based on patterns
> on the drive or a glass reticule?

They look like DEC RK03's to me. Predecessor to the RK05, and actually
re-badged drives from some other manufacturer, the name of which escapes
me at the moment. RK05's used a glass reticule for positioning. I think
that on-disk format tracks came with the first "Winchester" sealed drives.

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