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Date: Tue Mar 5 01:03:34 2002

Besides shrinkwrap, which is excellent for holding doors closed and drives in
cabinets, I would recommend that one buy a large roll of large bubble wrap at
Carton Services on 33XX Front Street in Portland. 2 foot wide by 250 feet,
perfed on 1 foot, is $56.00. 4'X250' is about $85. I like perfed because it
is easy to rip off the length you want. Great protection for monitors.

I have no interest in the company. I use it because I like it and it gets
equipment to their destination. Beaverton is close to Portland.

Also use cardboard panels between cabinets, saves the paint.

I bet with careful shopping one could buy a truck in Oregon and sell it for
more in Kansas. Oregon is economically distressed at the moment and I think
you could find a cheap truck. You would want to find out what is in demand in
Kansas first. It would be a lot more work.

I know people who have done this for moves. It works.

Boy, how far OT can I get.

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