Need Shugart 851 manual

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Mar 5 07:50:19 2002

At 04:31 PM 3/4/02 -0700, Richard wrote:
>I'd advise you to pursue this from the controller end, initially.

  Good idea. Unfortunately the card connector is numbered 1-100 with odd
numbers on one side and even one the other (exactly same as S-100). But
it's connector is numbered A1 through A50 on one side and B1 through B50 on
the other. It makes things confusing! It's not something that you should
do when you're tired!

 If you see
>that a line normally not connected between the controller and drive is driven
>at the controller, or, just as importantly, is received in some meaningful
>at the controller, then you can, perhaps, by looking at the drive manual for
>the SA80x type, figure out what they might have had in mind. I'd advise you
>to start with the head select signal, since there's an even chance they
>even support two-sided drives.

  They don't.

>In any case, if you examine the user-installable options, of which there are
>several, in the 80x manual, you'll probably be able to figure out what the
>Intel folks had in mind with their odd connections. Once you've figured out
>what the desired options on the SS drive are, you look in the manuual for the
>85x drives and set up the corresponding options.

  That's my plan.

 As I said before, however,
>first you need to establish whether the Intel controller even supports the
>two-sided drives. I don't believe I ever saw an M2FM arrangement on a
>two-sided drive, not that it's complicated in any way.

   True but I don't think any of the intels ever supported it. At least on
the 8" drives. I have three intel drives, a MDS 2DS single density unit for
the early MDS 800, a MDS DDS double density unit that goes with the later
MDS 888 and a MDS 720 (DD) that with the Series II and Series III machines
and all of them use single sided Shugart 800 drives.

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