From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Mar 5 16:23:23 2002

--- John Chris Wren <> wrote:
> This sounds like a machine I used to work on. PDP-8/a, two floppy
> drives, a VT-50 terminal that looked like it could have been provisioned
> for an internal thermal printer, and ours had a LA-36.

Yep... they sold a bunch of them. The printer inside the VT-50 case
wasn't thermal, BTW. The "1976-1977 pdp-8/a minicomputer handbook" calls
it an "electrolytic copier" under the entry for the VT-61. My memory of
working with them was that they used funky paper and there was a wet
wiper brush that moistened the paper as it exited the printer. Perhaps
it squeegeed it. I don't recall any more.

> We ran two OS's in it... It was pretty neat, at the time. I don't miss
> it at all.

I can understand that, but still; I wish _I_ had had the opportunity to
have been paid to work with PDP-8s.


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