Need Shugart 851 manual

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Mar 6 06:55:22 2002

Tony said:

>I am wondering what's wrong with the original drives. IMHO it'd be a lot
>easier to repair them. Docs exist, and it's not hard to find other drives
>to take parts from. The worst job is replacing the head (as you have to
>do a full alignment), but even that would probably take less time than
>you've spent so far.

   Nothing is wrong with them. I want to connect up a couple more drives on
my system and checkout some drives to send to someone else that's missing
some. I expect I could hook up drives easily if I ignored the adapater
cards and strange addressing but I'm trying to understand what intel was

   To answer an earlier question: I think all of these use the 800-3 model
drives. That's what I remember seeing in a couple of them but I haven't
checked two of the boxs and it's chore to get them out of the rack and then
out of the cases to read the model number.

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