Shipping Big Iron & Rail Right-Of-Way Abandonment

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Wed Mar 6 07:54:46 2002

> A rail shipment may also be held until enough cars are destined for a
> certain area. Next to shipping by boat, shipping by train is probably the
> slowest method to get something some where, as far as total transit time. A
> truck can be anywhere in the US in a matter of 4 days. For perishible
> items, trucks are far more viable. Also, trucks generally ride better than
> rail cars, so delicate cargoes benefit from the air-ride suspension systems.

I've been told UPS has started holding the ground trucks
until they fill up, where they used to have a timer; timer
fires, truck rolls, full or not. When fuel costs jumped a
couple of years ago they changed this. May not be true...

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