Hosting Recommendations

From: Jeffrey S. Sharp <>
Date: Wed Mar 6 11:20:03 2002

I need to find a good email/web hosting service. Yes, this is on-topic.

Right now, (my mail server) is a machine in my house,
connected via residential cable modem service. This has some cool factor
for me, but there are disadvantages:

(0) The system has to up and stable 24/7; I can't play with it in ways
that might interrupt that.

(1) The cable modem connection goes down every now and then, sometimes for
several hours.

(2) I'm not too knowledgeable at mail administration; there's a good
probability that this machine is not as secure as it could be.

On top of that stuff, a credible source inside the cable company says that
I will be eventually switched over from RoadRunner to the cable company's
own network. According to the source, areas where the switches are
occurring (mostly those served by _at_Home, but RoadRunner is next) are
experiencing repeated, prolonged outages.

So I need list members' recommendations on a good email/web hosting
service. If you work for such a service, feel free to suggest it if it is
a good service. What I want is:

(0) Email hosting for 5 addresses at It needs to handle
several hundred emails per day (peak) and the occasional large file mailed
to me.

(1) Web hosting for my as-yet-unfinished personal web site. The largest
part of the site will be an exposition of my collection like that of many
others here. I plan on having a lot of pictures, and the service needs
the capacity to hold them. (See it *is* on-topic).

(2) Encrypted communications, or at least my passwords not sent over the
network in cleartext.

(3) The servers running some UNIX and administered by competent people.

(4) A flat fee.

(5) If I use their DNS servers, the ability to point to
a certain IP address.

Jeffrey S. Sharp
Received on Wed Mar 06 2002 - 11:20:03 GMT

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