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From: Carlos Murillo <>
Date: Wed Mar 6 13:20:01 2002

At 10:15 AM 3/6/02 +0000, Sellam wrote:
>Let me try to lend some perspective.
>The greater Middle East has been a poor region for a long time. During
>the days when computers were first being developed, a majority of the
>Middle East was still a relic of the stone age. Running water and
>electricity in a home ("home" in this sense could also mean a structure
>made of stones and mud) was still a luxury for the majority of the

Indeed. But there were at least two regions that, prior to 1948,
were rather pro-west, and had excellent universities; there,
art flourished, and so did commerce. Beirut was rather
cosmopolitan. So was Palestine. I know about this; the city
where I grew up in Mexico was the recipient of one of the
largest migrations coming from those two spots post-1948. These
people enriched our arts and universities, as well as our
culinary experience. They were well read, educated, hard-working.
Couldn't ask for a better immigration. Of course, their towns
went back to the stone age after 1948; their civilization
is no more.

I wish all people could agree to share.


Carlos E. Murillo-Sanchez
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