Mostek computers?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Wed Mar 6 16:58:53 2002

On Mar 5, 22:03, Ernest wrote:
> I didn't know that Mostek made an entire system? There is one at REPC
> someone dropped off. It has two 8" drives, and has a yellow and blue
> It looks like an early vintage system but I don't know much about it. Is
> anyone familiar with this computer?

Not first hand, but I have a book called "Microcomputer Board Data Manual",
edited by Dave Bursky, from "Electronic Design", pub. Hayden 1978. It
lists one Mostek product, the OEM-80, about which the summary says:

Word size: 8-bit data / 16-bit address
CPU: MK3880
Clock freq min 0.005MHz / max 2.5MHz
Total addressable memory 64K
Amount of RAM on card 4K provided / 64K possible
Amount of ROM on card 0K provided / 25K possible
DMA capable: yes
Bus type : proprietary
Parallel I/O pins: 40
Serial I/O ports: 1
Max baud rate: 9600
Interrupt provisions: [none]
Multiprocessing capablitly: yes
Counter/timers: 4 (16 bits/timer)
Software: assembler, debugging, HLL, OS
Supply voltages: +5V, +/- 12V
Board sixe: 12"x 8.5"
Comments: Same as Z-80 CPU. ROM and RAM address mapping. OEM-80: No ROM
supplied. Available as a complete ROM-based prototype package. European
card: 233 x 250mm.

The chapter (well, one page plus a 1-page diagram) in the body of the book
says the SDB-80 is the version with the firmware, and there are some other
cards as well, including floppy controller, more RAM, PROM programmer, CRT
interface, card cage, etc. The OEM-80 cost $430 in 100+ quantities.

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