Thinning collection

From: John Foust <>
Date: Wed Mar 6 21:50:32 2002

I'm expanding my business, clearing out the old shipping room
and treating my packrat affliction, so some stuff must go!
Pickup preferred; I may ship smaller items.

I'm in Jefferson, Wisconsin, halfway between Madison and
Milwaukee, about 35 minutes from each. Payment in chocolate,
good beer or dollars. Any offers will be considered.

Kaypro 1 system, with manuals and software. Probably working.

VaxStation 3500 in BA213 case. VR-160 RGB monitor w/cables.
Mouse, keyboard. Probably working, with VMS on HD, no manuals.

(2) Vaxstation 2000, the little ones. Unknown state.

AT&T System V Rel 3 source code for 3B2 Unix on a 9-track tape,
and several dozen distribution floppies probably from the same 3B2.

Micro PDP-11, unknown state.
Microvax II, unknown state.
TK50-D drive, unknown state.

Bunch of TK50 carts that were probably used with MicroVAX:

MicroVAX v4.6 Full bin
MicroVAX v4.6 mand update
MicroVAX v4.6 VMS lic key
Appletalk for VMS v2.0.6 & 2.1, another 3.0b2
VMS v5.5 bin, and mand update
Odesta HelixVMX

More to come, perhaps.

- John
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