New aquisition: Texas Instruments TI 980A

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Mar 6 23:52:23 2002

Just got a strange little toy from a friend who dug it out of a warehouse
today... a TI 980A. I found a little bit on Al Kossow's Orphan page; does
anyone know of any other sources for info on the 'net?

It appears to be a 16-bit mini from 1972, 4Kwords to 32Kwords (mine
has 8KW) with a variety of period peripherals available. Mine has an
I/O card, a TTY card and a homemade card that extends the DMA slot
and takes the signals over to a rack-mounted tray that is about 2.5 sq ft.
of wire wrap sockets and chips dating from 1970 to 1993 (it was apparently
in service somewhat recently I'm told). The CPU is on two cards plus a
memory controller.

That's about all I have on it at the moment. Oh! It does have toggle
switches and blinkenlights. Here's what I could glean by reading
numbers off of cards...

"Arithmetic Unit 1" - assy 960754-0001E Board No 960755-001C
"Arithmetic Unit 2" - assy 960751-0001G Board No 960752-001C
"1103 Memory" - assy 226844-004N/RS Logic 226846-F (8K)
"Memory Controller" - assy 960746-0001E Logic 960777-A
"TTY interface" - assy 217394-0001H Logic 217359-F
"I/O interface" - assy 960757-0001A Logic 960759

Anybody else out there have one? My friend is going to keep digging in
the warehouse this month; he suspects he knows where some docs are, but
he's not sure.


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