OpenSTEP for VMS

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Thu Mar 7 09:54:33 2002

Guys, I've just had a conversation with the guy who originally
told me about this product, and he had this to say (posted with
his permission, of course):

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Yup, I stated so and I still remember that it was advertised
by *NeXT*! At that time I was already a VMS afficionado but
new to NeXTSTEP and wondered on which systems the applications
could be run. And voil? - VMS was listed. Unfortunately I'm
not sure at the moment whether it was VAX or Alpha but I
assume it was Alpha. And I still have the flyer around
somewhere but I don't think you'll be able to buy/get it.
Good luck anyway!


He also mentioned that it may have been and "in progress" port
with a set release date that he saw, and that it was only the
libraries, etc, so that you could compile NeXT stuff on VMS,
but not develop it.


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