Soldering old iron (was: Re: I have a PDP-11/34 programmer's console,what should I do with it?

From: Andreas Freiherr <>
Date: Thu Mar 7 11:00:16 2002

Seems like a should update my tools collection:

> I have some very small and fine edge cutters...

> There is some special desolderings maze. It is coated with flux and
> works better than screening maze.

> ELV ist (_at_$%&!#$%. Get a Weller or ERSA.

OK, sorry for even asking. What I am currently using is an ERSA TC70.
Seems to be a bit rare, most people don't know about it, but it IS a 70W
type (so you have the power for multilayer or bigger links), and it has
temperature control (so it won't get too hot) and is adjustable, as I
said (250..375 centigrade, IIRC). It's just not electronics, but
instead, they built a thermo switch (bi-metal) into the tip.

> For desoldering 14 or 16 DIPs I use a big 175W Iron. I filed the
> end of this "hammer" to fit between the two pin rows. It looks
> horrible, but is very good. Put the iron on the back of the chip -
> 1 - 2 - plop the chip comes out of the PCB.

Sounds quite nice. Again, time to update the tool set. You certainly
have to clean up the PCB afterwards, but as long as you do this with a
smaller iron... ;-)

Andreas Freiherr
Vishay Semiconductor GmbH, Heilbronn, Germany
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