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Date: Fri Mar 8 08:40:43 2002

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> >The BBC's 1986 Domesday Project (a time capsule containing
> sound, images,
> >video and data defining life in Britain) is now unreadable.
> The data was
> >stored on 12-inch video discs that were only readable by the
> BBC Micro, of
> >which only a handful still exist. The time capsule contains

What horse crap (as we all know)! Typical bloody uk journalists who can't be
arsed to research a story properly. If they want to see if it's *really*
still unreadable give the disks to me and I'll use them in my own Domesday
machine, based on one of those *wow*r_at_re* BBC Micros.

Or do they mean the discs themselves aren't readable anymore, regardless of
whether you've got a Domesday machine or not?

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