Punch Card Humor

From: Eric Dittman <dittman_at_dittman.net>
Date: Fri Mar 8 13:41:18 2002

> > Years ago, in the book "Steal this Book", Abbie Hoffman
> > suggested that anytime you end up with a punch card, in
> > order to be a troublemaker, soak the card in some solution
> > that, once the card is dried, has cause it to shrink
> > uniformly so that it will jam the reader.
> > As you can see, he wasn't much of a "fan" of "the system".
> Why not just punch some extra holes in it?
> /* was quite useful with 360 JCL

That reminds me of the time in High School when they had all
of us in the 12th grade fill out this scanned form asking
all sorts of information I didn't think they needed. The form
was the type filled out with a #2 pencil and optically scanned.
I filled mine out (more or less correct, leaving answers I
didn't want to give blank), then took the extra time messing
with the control marks along the edge.

I don't know if the changed control marks had anything to do
with it, but we never got the results back.
Eric Dittman
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