MicroVAX-II questions

From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>
Date: Fri Mar 8 13:52:11 2002

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> >ISTR that's correct, and that's unsupported as in "We never
> could get it
> >to work right, so you're on your own..." The suggested
> solution I've
> >seen is to replace it with a DELQA board. :)

> Wrong! Unsupported means don't call if it don't work. It

That is more or less what I said, I think. :) I didn't mean that
they didn't work at all, just that they'd had a lot of problems
with them (so I hear), and replaced them because of it.

> does not mean
> it will not work. It does work and if the DEQNA is working
> as it should
> (some dont) with few problems. It was done to retire the DEQNA as a
> then very old design that was replaced by the better, lower
> cost DELQA.
> You can get away with a DEQNA as late as 5.4-4, I'm running one!

Tried 5.5? I have that version, so it would be interesting to know.


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