AIM-65 Questions

From: M H Stein <>
Date: Fri Mar 8 17:29:09 2002

No problem; if someone else hasn't already fixed you (Rich & Ethan) up,
I can dig out the ROM images or (if I can't find the disks) recreate them.
Write me off-list and, if still required, what format (Intel/Mot/bin?).

Just to make sure yours are correctly installed, the last 2 digits of the ROM
specify the location, so the BASIC ROMs are R3225 & R3226 and
should be inserted in sockets Z25 & Z26 respectively (Cxxx & Bxxx address blocks).

And the monitor is in Z22&Z23 (R3222 & R3223), but sounds like it's OK.

As Tony mentions elsewhere the 2332's could be mask-programmed various ways,
and later model AIM65s had jumpers to select 2732/2532, but the AIM65 ROMs
are 2532 pinout; 2732's would need a couple of pins exchanged unless you have one
of the later AIMs (I assume yours is the 1K/4K version)..

At least two different types of keyboards were used, but nothing special about either.
I have a few brand new ones left if you need one (Don't worry, Jeff, one still has
your name on it :). Might also still have some manual sets as soon as I figure out
who's getting what, and several spare AIMs for parts.


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>Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 15:41:02
From: "Rich Beaudry" <>
Subject: AIM-65 Questions

Hello all,

I recently completed a trade for an AIM-65 that is about 80-90% working, but
needs a little TLC. Hopefully someone here can help....

It appears to have the BASIC ROMs installed, and in the right sockets, but
pressing "5" on the keyboard only results in the "<5>" display, and then the
AIM hangs up. Only a press of the Reset button will free it up. I suspect
the ROMs may be flaky, since one had quite a bit of (for lack of a better
word) gunk on the tops of the pins. I cleanied it all off, but there may be
some internal damage. These ROMs are part number 2332. I suspect these are
2732-compatible, at least in read mode, and not program mode... Does anyone
have a ROM dump in Hex format? If so, could you email it to me so I can
burn new ones?

Actually, while I'm at it, if anyone has ANY of the AIM-65 ROMs dumped in
Hex format, I'd appreciate copies. Then I could burn a whole new set...

Also, the keyboard needs cleaning pretty badly. Unfortunately, I do not
remember the manufacturer name or model #, but it is the standard AIM-65
keyboard. Has anyone ever fully taken one apart to clean it? If so, any


Rich B.
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