Blank Paper Tape Question

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Mar 8 21:27:20 2002

  All of the Teletype and computer tape that I've seen was prepunched. I've
never seen a Teletype or computer type machine that could punch the
sprocket holes. I think I've seen unpunched tape but I don't remember what
it was for.


At 07:36 PM 3/8/02 -0600, you wrote:
>Does regular paper tape normally come with the sprocket holes pre-punched,
>or does the device that punches the data holes also punch the sprocket
>holes? I recently bought some "paper tape" from eBay, and it looks like
>the right stuff except it's totally without holes. I don't think I've
>ever seen "virgin" tape before, but I had the idea that the sprocket holes
>down the middle came with the tape. I'm kicking around trying to build my
>own tape punch, since I have been unsuccessful at scrounging or buying one
>so far. I picked up some stainless steel flat and some rod of the
>appropriate diameter for the holes today, along with some solenoids for
>actuating said rods. I'm thinking of machining the stainless to make my
>own punch, but the lack of sprocket holes on the new tape has me confused.
>Do I need to add another solenoid and pin to punch a smaller hole for the
>sprocket, or did I just buy some odd-ball tape?
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