MicroMint BCC52 BASIC controller

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sat Mar 9 15:49:01 2002

Perhaps an easier approach would be simply to download the Basic52 firmware
and program it into the 8052-compatible microcontroller of your choice,
handwired to a bit of perfboard about the size of a business card, together
with a couple of 64KByte SRAMs. Together with a 64KB EPROM, which you
download into the SRAM, then disable, it will allow lots of experimentation.
When you get done, you may actually have a better feel for what to expect of
this BASIC micro. The construction project could hardly take longer than an
afternoon, and when you're done you'll have the baseline firmware at your
disposal, though it might be a different verison.

That will teach you a lot about firmware BASIC, even if it is a different
version. I understand Intel's removed the BASIC52 stuff from their website,
which means it won't be "out there" for too much longer. I'd recommend you
find and download what you want, before it's gone.


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> Have you checked MicroMint and the CCI archives? They're usually pretty
> good. If you really have no luck, let me know and I'll do some digging;
> have some info.
> mike
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> Subject: MicroMint BCC52 BASIC controller
> Does anyone have a manual for one of these? I bought one for $1 and now
> I know why. The 5V PS was putting out about 20 volts! I've fixed the PS
> and got the card talking to a terminal again after replacing about 6 ICs
> but I'm not sure of some of the features on it so I can't test it
> Joe
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