Documentation on the HP IPC

From: Vassilis Prevelakis <>
Date: Sat Mar 9 20:26:04 2002

I have an IPC with HP UX 5.0 and HP Basic in ROM. The system has a built in
HP-IB connector as well as an HP-IB expansion card. The system boots fine
but I haven't had much success in getting the built-in floppy drive to read
the floppies I have prepared (using a wide variety of systems and techniques).

I am trying to use an external HP-IB dual floppy drive (an HP 9122D) but
the IPC refuses to admit that the 9122 is connected.

So, if anybody has tranferred images to a floppy, please let me know of
your technique. I have PCs running many OSs (from MSDOS 5.0 to Windows 2000
and OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Linux). I also have Sparcs with Solaris 7 and

On the subject of documentation. If anybody has manuals for this machine
please send me a note. If you don't want to part with them I can pay for

It is very frustrating to have the IPC just standing there when I *know*
I can get it to work.



PS I suspect that the built-in floppy is double sided-double density,
but anybody knows block size, interleave etc. of these diskettes?
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