2 qbus cards available

From: William King <William.King_at_dadaboom.com>
Date: Sun Mar 10 21:06:10 2002

I have the following two boards which I like to dispose of. Free to a good
home, as long as you don't put them up on eBay. Buyer pays shipping, let's
say $5.00 each.

1. Computer Products Model 312 w/cabinet kit. I believe this is a DHV11
clone (dual width, qbus). The cabinet kit has 8 DB25 connectors.

2. Simpact Assocates, Inc. ICP 1622 Comm (quad width, qbus). I have no idea
what this card is, but it does have a socketed DEC 21-17311-01 chip on it
(which I believe is the bus interface.) I imagine that it is a
communications card of some sort.

Both cards are untested and shipped as-is. The ICP 1622 was pulled from a
working system, so I'd guess that it works. The other arrived with a pile of
equipment, so I have no idea about it's status.

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