Microchannel and Redhat?

From: James B. DiGriz <jbdigriz_at_dragonsweb.org>
Date: Mon Mar 11 12:40:43 2002

Chad Fernandez wrote:
> The only difference in the hardware setup is that I added an Adaptec
> SCSI card, since I don't have a Linux driver for my Future Domain card.
> The HD is on the FD, and the CD is on the Adaptec. RH doesn't complain
> about the HD at all, only the CD. Also, I've installed RH from this
> media before, although it's been about 6 months. I'm confused.... I
> suppose I could try my other Adaptec card, but I'd have to open it....
> it's still sealed.
> Chad Fernandez
> Michigan, USA
> "James B. DiGriz" wrote:
>>Never tried to put any of them on a Microchannel machine. They should
>>all work, though. This case sounds like a bad cable, or controller, or a
>>drive or burner that needs cleaning maybe? Or maybe a problem with the

What model FD?

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