Altos 580

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Mar 12 07:00:27 2002

> I've been looking for info on an Altos 580. It's pretty thin. The
> little I've found shows the db25 connectors as rs232s, and mentions
> terminals. Does that mean I can get a console on my trusty MicroTerm?
> If not, are there any peripherals anywhere? Display, keyboard, an OS
> maybe?

If this is the squarish box, it ran MP/M-II... let me check,
one we used to have where I worked ended up in the hands of
a local fellow collector (hey Russ B., do you know Chris at Nomad
Radio on Bardstown Road?).

I saw Chris at a party two weekends ago, he's *real* hard
to get hold of. But I'll see if I can, and see if Tom or
Crutch gave him the manuals and software...

Worst case, since MP/M-II is now freely downloadable,
source and all, you'd just have to re-port it to the 580...

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