Heath/Zenith H89/Z90

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Tue Mar 12 07:38:04 2002

You wrote....
> In what will probably be a futile attempt, I'm looking for an operating
> H89/Z90 computer.

I have somewhere around 5 or 6 H89/Z90's, all operating, all mint condition.
However, I have not yet had a chance to dig into them since I received them
to see which ones have which options, etc. Someday a few of mine will become
available, but it's going to be a LONG time before I get a chance to go
through them and pick the ones I want to keep. I also believe I have
probably every piece of software ever released on them just about - OS,
compilers, apps, etc.

> I had one that I mucked around with all the time a few
> years ago, and, in a moment of weakness gave it away. I'd like to find
> another. Any ideas?

I know the feeling all too well. Before I got into collecting, I let go of a
data general nova 3, and two complete microdata reality M1600's systems
(including 1/2 tape and reflex I drives) (one of which was a microcode
development system). I STILL curse the day I let them out of my hands.

Jay West
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