Semi-OT: PMac 6100 DOS

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Tue Mar 12 12:39:27 2002

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> The PC side _seems_ to be booting up ok (I can hear faint
> Windows system beeps, and the PC Setup control panel reports
> that "PC is running") but I can't switch over. When I hit
> "switch to PC" the Mac's screen goes dimmer, the cursor
> disappears, and the PC Clipboard becomes the active app, but
> nothing else happens after a good 5 minutes of waiting.

Sounds like maybe the Mac drivers for the card need
re-installed. Not that I have any more experience with this
stuff than you, probably...

> I mounted the PC disk image on the Mac side and poked through
> it, and it looks like there are some major filesystem issues
> -- open a folder and it contains the whole top level
> directory listing, including itself -- open a subfolder, same
> thing, etc. probably to infinity. It needs a complete

This "folder" isn't named '.' is it? ;)


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