Semi-OT: PMac 6100 DOS

From: Chris <>
Date: Tue Mar 12 12:54:46 2002

>The PC side _seems_ to be booting up ok (I can hear faint Windows system
>beeps, and the PC Setup control panel reports that "PC is running") but I
>can't switch over. When I hit "switch to PC" the Mac's screen goes dimmer,
>the cursor disappears, and the PC Clipboard becomes the active app, but
>nothing else happens after a good 5 minutes of waiting.

In the PC Setup control panel, change the C: drive to a new drive file,
make it an brand new drive file, with nothing in it (just make a 5mb or
something). Then boot the PC. You should get a BIOS boot screen, and
eventually see a typical PC error of non system disk, replace and press a

If you don't get that far, then the card isn't working properly. At that
point, I would verify it is installed correctly (I'm not sure if that
model card needed a video dongle or not... the Q610 "Houdini" card does,
and so does the later 586 and Pentium card, although the latter can use
an internal video cable in place of the normal external one.)

After verifying the card is installed ok (fully seated, CD Audio cable is
connected, and video dongle connected if needed), and it still doesn't
boot... reinstall the Mac PC Setup software. You want version 1.5. You
can get it here
<> v1.0.2
is for the Q610 card, v1.5 is for the Q630/PM6100 card, and v1.6.4 is for
the later 586/Pentium cards.

If is STILL doesn't boot... check to see if a ram chip is installed
directly on the DOS card. If so, remove it. The cards are very picky over
using the right chip. Remove an installed one, and then tell the PC Setup
you want to share ram with the Mac (it should default to that
automatically when it doesn't detect a chip installed).

If it STILL doesn't boot... let me know, we'll go from there. But by now,
it should at least boot to the BIOS screen.

Once you get to the BIOS screen, you can then either retry the old drive
file, or just start from scratch and install DOS or Windows. The card you
have officially supports up to Win95.

You should NOT have the drive file open and mounted on the Mac when you
are trying to boot from the PC. And after changing drive files in the PC
Setup control panel, you will need to reboot the PC (but not the Mac).


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