New hard drive in an Indigo2

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Tue Mar 12 13:26:51 2002

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> To answer your question, yes as long as you have the right
> adaptors any drive should world in an Indigo2. I have had
> 68pin,sca, and HVD drives in Indigo2's without any problems.
> The only thing you have to do is make sure you set the drive
> to the right SCSI ID. the lower left is (i believe) 1, upper
> left is 2 and the 5-1/4 bay is 3.

Great. I had no idea they even made HVD to NSHVSE (not-so-high
voltage single ended? :) adaptors. Not that I want to actually
use a HVD disk...

I'll probably attempt to pick up a 18G or so ultra-scsi disk, in
that case.


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