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From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Tue Mar 12 14:06:23 2002

> > I think he had drag queens like Herbert J. Hoover in mind...
> Herbert? or JEdger? (or both?)

<Sigh> yes, J. Edgar... Senior moments come now by the truckloads...
I'll have a drool cup installed soon.
> > a psycho who also kept a noted heroin addict supplied with
> > their fix, the addict in question being the doctor of our
> > beloved Sen. Joseph McCarthy...
> > the things you learn once they're dead in the grave... just
> > wait till Reagan's been gone a while...
> Most leaders are sexually active.
> Was Clinton in the closet? Couldn't he do better than THAT?
> How about Starr's obsessive voyeurism?
> About the only exception was Nixon. I am willing to believe
> that he was
> the only president EVER who couldn't get laid.

Must... freeze... wages... and... prices... or... all is lost!
> It took a while before even Kennedy's sexual activities became widely
> known, and Eiesenhower's affairs still remain "discrete".
> How long will it take before we find out about Ford, Bush, Carter,
> Reagan, etc?

Ford: zipper accidents
Bush: mom, is that you?
Carter: now Marilyn, isn't four times a year excessive?
Reagan: Well darn, now you know why I wear baggy suits..

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