NetBSD Boot tape for MVII

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 10:07:45 2002

  Yes, I Read The Freaking Manual. I Googled. I went so far as to
peruse the ClassicCmp mailing list archives. *Those* people are
  I think the DEQNA board is dead, even before I started moving things
around on the QBus. (Yes, there'll be Yet Another "Broke My QBus" Post)
I haven't ever been able to get it even to light up the AUI terminator.
  Next choice is to boot NetBSD off the TK50.
  I have NetBSD running on the VS4000/60 and a TK50Z-GA that works. I
can tar to /dev/rst0 and then retrieve the archive all day long. When
my boot tape wouldn't boot on the MV, I wondered if its TK50 is toast,
so I've been trying to boot the 4000 to test the tape.
  All the sources say to:

# dd if=boot.fs of=/dev/nrst0
# mt -f /dev/nrst0 rewoffl

  Then to boot from the tape:

>>> b/3 MKA500 ## on the VS4000

  The tape saws around for a minute or so, shows;


  then rewinds and aborts to console


  Trying it on the MVII gets essentially the same results. No
meaningful error message, just the HALT instruction.

  A clue would be greatly appreciated.

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