VCF Gazette Volume 1 Issue 1

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Date: Wed Mar 13 14:00:37 2002

VCF Gazette
Volume 1, Issue 1
A Newsletter for the Vintage Computer Festival
March 13, 2002

Hello Vintage Computer Fans! Welcome to the first issue of what
is guaranteed to be an irregularly published newsletter to keep
you up to date on the latest events and happenings of the Vintage
Computer Festival.

There is a lot going on this year. We have two major events, VCF
Europa 3.0 and VCF 5.0, and an Open House at our Oakland, California,

VCF Europa 3.0

The third annual Vintage Computer Festival Europa is being held
April 27th and 28th in Munich, Germany. If you have a chance to be in
Munich during the last weekend of April, you should certainly attend.
You'll get a taste of the vibrant computer industry and the varied
computers that were produced in Europe from over ten years ago and

For more information on VCF Europa 3.0, visit:


VCF 5.0

As you may well be aware, VCF 5.0, originally scheduled for
September 15th and 16th, was cancelled due to the tragic events that
occured on September 11, 2001. The necessity for the cancellation
slowly became evident as events transpired over the course of the
three days following September 11th. At least three speakers were not
going to be able to attend due to the grounding of all U.S. air
traffic. It was uncertain whether more attacks would come.

In hindsight, cancelling VCF 5.0 was still the right decision to make,
as it was uncertain whether anyone would even want to come to such an
event in the wake of the tragedy. A statement was posted to the VCF
5.0 website on Thursday, September 13, informing of the cancellation,
and a message was sent to the VCF mailing list. We appreciate the
understanding we received.

Now that things have thankfully returned to normal for the most part,
it is time to reschedule VCF 5.0 for 2002. Planning is underway to
hold VCF 5.0 sometime in September. Negotiations are underway for
securing a venue in Santa Clara (our first choice) or San Jose (our
backup choice).

VCF 5.0 will be more exciting than ever this year. We plan to offer
more great speakers and many excellent exhibits, but we also plan to
expand attendee participation by adding retro-programming contests
and other events. Of course we will still have the Nerd Trivia
Challenge to vex even the most ardent vintage computing nerd. More
details to come!

VCF 5.0 will also be part of a larger smorgasbord of events which is
tentatively being dubbed "GeekWeek". The VCF will partner with the
California Extreme Classic Arcade Show, the Xtreme Games Developers
Conference, the first San Francisco International Conference of
Hackers, an Atari 30-Year Anniversary Party, and several other
accompanying events including LANtrocity and Super Auctions (coin-
operated amusement auctions). This exciting combination of events
will become a yearly mecca for geeks from all over the world to
come together and celebrate the joys of geekdom!

Information for each event can be found at the following URLs:

   Vintage Computer Festival 5.0

   California Extreme

   Xtreme Games Developers Conference

   San Francisco International Conference of Hackers

   Atari 30-Year Anniversary Party (Atari Historical Society)


   Super Auctions

VCF East 2.0

Last year's first Vintage Computer Festival East, held in Marlborough,
Massachusetts, in July of 2001, was every bit as fun and exciting as
the main VCF. Five speakers, including Eldon Hall, designer of the
Apollo Guidance Computer, and eleven exhibitors, including the Retro-
Computing Society of Rhode Island who brought along a PDP-12 running
Spacewar!, provided a vintage computing retrospective for over 80

The next VCF East is being planned for Spring of 2003. We will begin
booking speakers, exhibits and vendors in the fall of this year.

VCF Open House at the ACCRC

As of Fall of 2001, the Vintage Computer Festival Archive has found
a happy new home at the Alameda County Computer Resource Center. The
ACCRC is an organization that accepts donations of old computers and
electronics, refurbishes the working computers to be donated back to
schools and charities, and recycles the rest. Nothing at the ACCRC
is thrown out. Everything gets recycled! ACCRC computers are
located on every continent on Earth including Antarctica.

The VCF is busily sorting, organizing and cataloguing the VCF Archive
at the ACCRC. Shelving is being assembled, walls are being built,
and floors are being swept in preparation for the first VCF Open

The VCF and the ACCRC will welcome the general public to come in and
see how we operate. There will be plenty of activities, tasty things
to munch on, and tours of the VCF Archive and the ACCRC operations
and pet programs (including the ACCRC Beowulf Cluster and KOOX internet
radio station).

The VCF is also in the process of setting up a computer museum at the
ACCRC and building facilities for our documentation and software
archive library so that it can finally be offered for use by the
general public. We're hoping to finish the remodeling effort within
a few weeks but we're still searching for needed materials. We'd like
to find recycled computer flooring to improve the floor in the area
where we are setting up the library. Might you know of where we can
get some? If so, please let us know by sending an e-mail message to
<>. Any flooring donated will qualify as a tax
deductible charitable donation to the ACCRC.

Once we have the archive organized and the library completed, we'll
announce the dates for what will become the first annual VCF Open
House. We're very excited at the prospect of finally having a public
venue to share the VCF Archive on a year-round basis.

For more information on the Alameda County Computer Resource Center,
please visit their website:

To listen to KOOX internet radio, visit their Screaming Streaming
Audio website:

If you have computer flooring to donate, or know of someone who does,
please contact us at <>.

VCF on MediaTelevision

MediaTelevision, a Canadian program that "looks inside and behind the
media process", will be airing this week a segment that they produced
on the VCF. Watch for it on a station that airs MediaTelevision's

For information regarding MediaTelevision's segment on the VCF, visit:


The Vintage Computer Festival is proud to announce a new off-shoot for
business and industry. VintageTech provides services such as patent
litigation support and prior art searches, consulting and props for
the film and photography industry, data and media conversion, vintage
computer appraisals and sales brokering, and general computer history

To inquire about VintageTech services or for more information, visit
VintageTech today:

Classic Tech Eletter

Michael Nadeau, long-time computer industry journalist and former
editor of Byte magazine, has launched a new newsletter that caters to
the vintage computing audience. The Classic Tech Eletter is a monthly
newsletter delivered right to your e-mail box. Each issue contains
news and stories concerning happenings in the world of old computers
and the folks who collect them.

Subscribe to the Classic Tech Eletter and see back issues at:


That wraps it up for this first issue of the VCF Gazette! Until next

Best regards,

Sellam Ismail
Vintage Computer Festival

The Vintage Computer Festival is a celebration of computers and their
history. The VCF Gazette goes out to anyone who subscribed to the VCF
mailing list, and is intended to keep those interested in the VCF
informed of the latest VCF events and happenings. The VCF Gazette is
guaranteed to be published in a somewhat irregular manner, though we
will try to maintain a quarterly schedule.

If you would like to be removed from the VCF mailing list, and
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