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From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 16:28:46 2002

   I just went out and dug out a pile of HP 85 docs. I have all the HP-85
manuals and (I think) manuals for all of the ROMs and interfaces. I also
have the HP 85 assembly level service manual. No schematics so it's not
real usefull but it does have the troubleshooting procedures and I so have
the service ROMs for the 85/86/87. I also have about 5 or 6 different
programming paks for the 85 including the manuals. I also have a copy of
the "Series 80 Personal Computer Retail Price List" (PN 5953-7832) that
gives prices for everything related to the 80 series. I also have a copy of
HP's "Series 80 Personal Computers Software Catalog" published by Reston
Publishing Company. This not only list all the 80 series SW that was
available fom HP but also from other third party companies. There was a lot
more SW available for the 80s than you would think! The catalog is over 450
pages long! Other stuff: (1) HP 85A Self_Paced Learning Guide (for
maintenance) (PN 35106-90001). (Hmmm this has IC pin outs and some
schematics in it.) (2) "Series 80 Personal Computer" brochure (PN
5953-7853) 80 pages long. (3) "HP-85A Desktop Computer Specifications
Technical Data" (PN 5953-1078) 6 page booklet (4) "HP-85 The Personal
Computer for Industry" (PN 5953-1080) 12 page booklet (5) "HP-85 I/O ROM
and HP-IB Interface Technical Data" (PN 5953-4516) 8 page booklet (6)
"Series 80 Personal Computer Enhancements" (PN 5953-7838) 24 page booklet.

   HP 9915 Stuff: (1) "The Modular Computer" an 11" x 17" size poster for
the 9915. (2) "HP 9915 Networking system Developement Technical Supplement"
(PN 09915-90022). About 100 pages long and explains how to get the 9915s to
talk to HP 1000s, 9826s, HP 85s, other 9915s, etc. (3) "HP 9915 System
Development Manual (PN 09915- 90010). This includes a general getting
started guide, syntax reference, explaination of the buffers, keyboard
useage, file types, etc. A lot of it is very similar to the HP 85 so it's
not very usefull but there are a few explainations about the function keys
and front panel lights that are usefull. But youhave to be able to talk to
the 9915 before you can use them.

   Manuals that I'm missing include: (1) HP 9915 Installation Manual (2)
Operator Interface Technical Supplement (3) Tape Duplication and EPROM
Programming Software Applications Pack (4) 9915 Service Manual.

   I didn't find the keyboard schematics but I'll keep looking.

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