Semi-OT: PMac 6100 DOS

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 17:15:30 2002

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> Hi folks,
> Sorry for the OT post since I know this machine's not quite old enough to
> qualify, but I have a Power Mac 6100 DOS-compatible with some issues. I've never
> really used one of these so I'm not sure how to go about troubleshooting.
> The PC side _seems_ to be booting up ok (I can hear faint Windows system
> beeps, and the PC Setup control panel reports that "PC is running") but I
> can't switch over. When I hit "switch to PC" the Mac's screen goes dimmer, the
> cursor disappears, and the PC Clipboard becomes the active app, but nothing else
> happens after a good 5 minutes of waiting.
> I mounted the PC disk image on the Mac side and poked through it, and it
> looks like there are some major filesystem issues -- open a folder and it
> contains the whole top level directory listing, including itself -- open a
> subfolder, same thing, etc. probably to infinity. It needs a complete reinstall
> before I can even begin to figure out if there's a problem with the DOS card.
> I'm told that it was working til recently, but this was the kids' computer and
> one of them might've done something bizarre with the PC side.
> Of COURSE the previous owner has no original CDs or floppies. :( I went to
> Apple's ftp site and poked around and found the folder for this machine, but it
> was empty. :( :(
> Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the original software so I can
> try restoring this thing? Anyone have one I can borrow (I have a CD burner)? I'd
> gladly pay all postage.
> Thanks,
> -- MB

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