Netscape Mail, was Re: HTML in EMAIL

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 10:11:09 2002

"Wayne M. Smith" wrote:
> There's something worse -- it's called Netscape mail. We were just forced to start using it (or, alternatively, the even worse AOL
> Mail) at work "because we own it." Completely unconfigurable.

I've been using Netscape mail for years with no problems! The only
downside is that for some unknown reason, the database format they use
doesn't reclaim the space when messages are moved out of a folder. After
a while, I have a 50 Mb Inbox with nothing in it. The solution is to
delete it and the index file, preferably when empty :), and the system
will put it back. Same thing with other folders except you need to
recreate the deleted file manually.

I don't care for HTML in messages, and set it to use plain text. I don't
know the default character set but mine is set to Western (ISO-8859-1).
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